Startrail.in is an Artist’s & Associated Service’s Endorsements and Promotions platform website, where all category of artists & Services can get registered Membership for JOBs and relevant-MECA opportunities through their Endorsements and also through Posted-Upcoming Events.

All Types of Artists and Services / Resourse Providers and Artist Seekers/Employers who are involved or part of MECA / Bollywood / Tollywood / Telefilms / Events / Reality shows,etc and all fields of Performing arts.

Startrail.in is an Performing arts, Artist’s & Associated Service’s Endorsement and Promotions platform website, where All Category of Artists & Services can get registered Membership for JOBs and relevant-MECA opportunities through the Endorsements. Recruiters / Artists Seekers also the registered members of Startrail, who post their Requirements / JOBs / Events / News on the website regularly. Using Startrail Membership platform or being regular visitor one can View Jobs & Apply to Jobs OR directly contact the registered artist(s) / registered service(s) for their respective Needs or Specific Requirements.

Sign in or register yourself and Identify yourself as an 

1. Artist / Artists Group OR

2. Recruiters/Artists seeker / Employer OR

3. Services i.e. Resources provider in the field of MECA / Performing arts.Further choose and fill the profile form from above three membership(s) categories and follow the given steps to fill the form till its completion & submission. You will be given a unique ID / Code for your registered Membership. You can hold more than one membership(s) at a time.

Following Can be the Members:

  • All Artists:  Examples: Actor, Model, dancer, Singer, DJ,RJ, Cameraman, Assistant Director, Screenplay Writer, etc.
  • All Group Artists:  Examples: Orchestra, Music Band, Bhajan Mandli, Kathak Crew, Chorus crew etc.
  • All Services:  Examples: Website Designing/ Graphic Designing/Wedding Photography-Videography/Promotions /Editing /Film Distribution /Post Editing/PA Systems Services/Hoardings/Banner/To Let Services:Recording Studio/Shooting Studio/Drapery House(Acting)/Drapery Store(Dance)/Camera/Crane/Trollies/Cars/Animals/ Music/Instrument Tutor/Teacher e.g. Dance Teacher/Event Organizers, etc.
  • All Recruiters/Artists/Services Seekers:  Examples: Film Producer/Makers/Film Investors/Director /Event Managers /Corporate Event Manager/Company/Technical Event Manager/Company/Event Organizing Company/Talent Hunt Company/Auditions Organizing Company/TV film Production House/Film Production House Ltd./Advertising Company.
  • Apart from above memberships you can be Featured Partner and Professional Associate such as Institution / University or Schools of Performing Arts and associated services.

It is FREE for Regular Visitors and even if you wish to contact any members its FREE of cost.However, when you wish to be a Registered Members of the site for APPLYING JOBS or Posting your Advertisements/Recruitment, YES you need a Membership Subscription of 6 to 12 Months.

Yes in the JOB there is a specific Location / City that is mentioned.You can choose and apply the JOBs whichever suits to your preferences. However, being a member If you have certain conditions of travelling and work preference you can mention in your profile / biodata.

No, There is ‘NO’ age limit for any category or a specific artists categories.However to Minor-child artists, it is advised that their Parents / Guardians need to hold the Major-Membership & profile handled by them on behalf of a Minor- child artist.

No, Specific requirement of education for the membership. However if you have relevant certificate(s), that will always be desirable for the selection when you apply for JOBs & SERVICEs offered regularly on the website.

YES. Choose and apply as per your skills and interests.

You can be in an Artist category or in Services category OR both whichever suits work profile so far.

Anybody can be an artist member, who belongs to performing arts to crafts and such relevant skills.

Employer is a Recruiter /Artists SEEKER or Services SEEKER or JOB CREATER. e.g. Production House, UTV Entertainments , ZEE TV, EROS Entertainments, etc.

If more than one artist is there, that makes a group of artists in relevant performing art or skill.eg Music band, Dance group, street play artists, etc.

Except front end artist, All other backend services are included in Services or under Service Providers. e.g. To let services, Recording Studio, Tutors/Instructors, advertising & promotions, etc.

  1. Startrail.in do Promote- Endorse & Encourage following entities for the information and benefit of end user and regular entertainment seekers:
  2. Artists, 
  3. Group artists,
  4. Services,
  5. Job SEEKERS,
  6. Events,
  7. Employers as Artists & Services SEEKERS,
  8. Parents, and
  9. All regular audience.
  • ARTISTS : Actor, Anchor/Emcee, Musician, Director, Designer, Writer, Dancer, Singer, Celebrity Personality, Voice Over Artist, Model, Hostess, Folk Artist, DJ(Disk Jockey), RJ(Radio Jockey), Makeup Artist, Stylist -Hair Dresser, Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer, Cameraman, Magician –Visual Arts, Advertising Professional, Standup Comedian, Painter, Spot Boy/Volunteer, etc.
  • GROUP ARTISTS: Dance Groups, Musical Groups, Actors Groups & Various Artists Groups, etc.
  • SERVICE PROVIDERS: Film Promotions, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Film Distribution, Media & Advertising, Post Editing, Film Distributor, Website & App Designing, Graphic Designing, PA Systems & Studio Services, Printing Press Services, To Let Services, Events Organizer & Manager, Cultural Event Organizer & Manager, Puja-Purohit Organizer, Music Teacher, Dance Teacher, Music Instrument Teacher, Fitness Instructors, Language Tutor, etc.
  • EMPLOYERS /ARTISTS-SERVICES SEEKERS: Film Producer/Maker, Film Investors, Director, Assistant Director, Event Managers, Creative Manager, Corporate Event Manager/Company, Cultural Event Manager/Company, Technical Event Manager/Company, Event  Organizing Company, Talent Hunt Company, Reality Show Organizer Company, Auditions Organizer Company, TV Production House, Short Movie Production, Documentary Production, Film Productions House, Advertising Company, Media & Promotion House, Program-Show Organizer (Dance), Program-Show Organizer (Music), Program-Show Organizer (Theater/Play), Indian Embassy Cultural Office: Cultural program -Performing Arts, Film Studio, Recording Studio, Broadcast Industry, Film Festival Organizer, Sponsors, Featured Partner, Entertainment Firms/Organization, Recruitment Firm, Artists Manager)
  • JOBS : Posting and publishing of all JOB- In and around the field of MECA – Media Entertainment and Creative Arts to which all artists and services can APPLY unrestrictedly.
  • EVENTS : Posting and publishing of all Events- In and around the field of MECA – Media Entertainment and Creative Arts and information to which any regular viewer /anybody can access and become part of it, such as : City events, institutes events, marketing events, cultural and all promotional events, DJ night, Gazal Night ,etc.

Posted Jobs are mentioned with what type of Job is it such as : Full time/ Part time/ Contract, etc.

Experience of teaching and work profile i.e. required to be strong and presentable.Certificate of skill would be an added in desirables.

Yes, 12 Months/12Months Premium membership is available, However lifetime membership is not available in the subscriptions.

Uploaded profile can be updated time to time by the member using their dashboard.

Yes, any entity can be employer and services at the same time.Primarily it is advised that your roles and requirements need to be matched with best suited category as per your work profile.

Your work profile itself can help you decide to opt for Employer or Services category, such as If you want resources /artists then you are an Employer and If you can become resource to somebody then you are more a Services.

Moreover website administrator’s approval confirms & acknowledges your profile-category once your submission process is complete.

For Tutor/Teachers and Instructors this platform provides a beautiful and thorough exposure under Services category with 12months basic subscription OR Advertize based subscription.

Parents can see various artists profile and also search various teachers / tutors / instructors for their kids and also check their profile, location, etc as per their need and contact them directly for FREE.

For Artists and Services/Service Providers this platform provides a beautiful and thorough exposure under these categories:

  • 12months basic subscription OR Premium subscription for Artists. Artist profiles are also promoted and highlighted in premium membership for continuous profile exposure. 
  • 12months basic subscription OR Advertize based subscription for Services. Services can post their advertizes / promotions etc for entire 12 months to be in the happening highlights for both business and promotions.
  • Artists and services both are viewed by thousands of visitors and employers who can directly contact to artists / services.
  • Artists and services can APPLY to as many JOBS as they wish to. Moreover you get updates regarding latest Events and News to keep oneself in the mainstream trends and happening opportunities.

For Employers and Institutions this platform provides a beautiful and thorough exposure under these points:

  • Employers get 12 months FREE membership with 10 Advertizes. Advertizes could be JOBS / Events / NEWS.
  • Employers with 12 months Premium membership gets unlimited advertisements. Advertizes could be JOBS / Events / NEWS.
  • Employers membership is benefitted with availability of essential resources with very EASY and DIRECT approach and also post their Activities/Advertizes and Jobs at hand.
  • Institutions are the resources of artists therefore the platform helps promote their Events / NEWS for FREE throughout the year. The platform networks various Institutions to create JOBS/ RECRUITMENTS and advertizing of various EVENTS which serves for All Artists and Services.