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Startrail offer memberships to all categories of Performing Artists, Associated Resources & Service Providers and Recruiters who are looking for Artists or Service providers in Media, Entertainment, Creative & Art (MECA) field. You can become a registered member of startrail network as one of Artists, Group Artists, Services Providers or Employers.

Hereby uploading your featured portfolio, biodata, experience and latest audio – video information relevant to your skill sets or type(s) of services you can provide along with your contact information. So that, you could be searched and approached by an Artists Seekers / Employers / Recruiters / an Institute or Parents who are in search of your skill sets and talent. This way regular startrail user / Non-members and members of startrail network both are benefited in terms of seeking ARTISTS, JOBS, SERVICES, RESOURCES, OPPRTUNITIES, TEACHERS, INSTRUCTORS, LATEST EVENTS, and much more. Startrail seeks exclusive coverage of performing arts and its allied fields for best Opportunities & Growth of all the users.

This enormous digital platform is developed to facilitate all categories of Artists & Services their seekers who envisioned to continue and dedicate their lives to the performing arts as their profession. We do not charge any fees to our regular visitors, Employers, Artists & Services Seekers who are looking for Artists, Services for their particular requirements. Users who are interested to contact us and wish to contact our Artists, Services, Service providers simply need to get registered by few entry details in simple steps such as their Name, Contact Number, Email ID and Address-location, etc.

Likewise Startrail could assist you to provide direct contact details of any registered Artists, Group Artists, Services or Employers by SMS / Email according to your search requests.

✔ We do the Promotions & Endorsements of a Startrail registered Member profile / News / Events / Auditions / Debutants / Services / Featured Partners and premium membership profiles.

✔ Startrail Members can be a Artists, A Service providers, Recruiters or Artists/ Services Seekers.

✔ We are envisioned to generate JOBS & OPPORTUNITIES for Startrail Members and for doing so the registered Recruiters, Artists and services Seekers contributes here on this platform for the same by posting their requirements. Thus we advertize latest Jobs, Service, and other allied Recruitments.

✔ Startrail do publish Latest News and endorse current Events.

✔ Startrail Blog provides channel for current trends & technology in MECA fields.

✔ Startrail is associated with various Performing Arts Institutions in India & Abroad, We publish various institution’s events and create entry platform for their new - emerging student artists.

✔ We nurture rejuvenating environment and simultaneously endorse & promote wide range of Artist’s, Service’s & Employer’s work through Startrail Blog, Gallery & Talkies by creating a Digital Collage-Album & Colosseum-Theater for their recent projects & forthcoming ventures such as Films, Short Movies, Events, Shows, exhibitions, Awards, Competition, Fashion weeks, auditions, Music, Dance, Tele-Films, TV Serials, online episodes, Debuts and their all associated skillful activities and achievements.

Startrail offers membership to all categories of Performing Artists, Associated Resource, Service providers and Employers or Artists -Services seekers in Media, Entertainment, Creative & Art (MECA) and allied fields. You can become a registered member as one of Artists , Group Artists or Service Providers or an Employer.

By simply uploading your featured portfolio, biodata work experience, latest audio- video information relevant to your skill sets or services along with your contact information so that, you may be searched and approached by an Employers or Seekers or an Institute or Parents who are in need of your skills and looking for your services as per their requirements.

Thus Startrail can assist Member & Non-member users to provide details of any of startrail registered –

1. Artists

2. Group Artists

3. Services

4. Employers

directly by Email / SMS as per your search requests.

We Endorse and Encourage portfolios of entities, following are few examples of entities & Its sub categories viz.


Actor, Anchor / Emcee, Musician, Director, Designer, Writer, Dancer, Singer, Celebrity Personality, Voice Over Artist, Model, Hostess, Folk Artist, DJ(Disk Jockey), RJ(Radio Jockey), Makeup Artist, Stylist -Hair Dresser, Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer, Standup Comedian, Cameraman, Magician, Visual Arts, Advertising Professional, Sculptor, Painter, Choreographer, costume designer, Spot Boy, etc.


Dance Groups- Folk all category of Dance Groups, Music bands, Dhol Pathak, Orchestra, Actors Groups, Lawani Group, Chorus group, Street Play groups, Various Artists Group, etc.


Film Promotions, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Film Distribution, Media & Advertising, Post Editing, Film Distribution, Website & App Designing, Graphic Designing, PA Systems & Studio Services, Printing Press Services, To Let Services, Events Organizer, Manager, Cultural Event Organizer, Puja-Purohit Organizer, Music Teacher, Dance Teacher, Musical Instrument Teacher, Fitness Instructors, Language Tutor, Resource manager, and other service providers.


Film Producer -Maker, Film Investor, Director, Assistant Director, Event Managers, Creative Manager, Corporate Event Manager / Company, Cultural Event Manager / Company, Technical Event Manager / Company, Event Organizing Company, Talent Hunt Company, Reality Show Organizer Company, Auditions Organizer Company, TV Production House, Short Movie Production, Documentary Production, Film Productions House, Advertising Company, Media & Promotion House, Program-Show Organizer (Dance), Program-Show Organizer (Music), Exhibition Organizer, Program-Show Organizer (Theater / Play), Indian Embassy Cultural Office: Cultural program -Performing Arts, Film Studio, Recording Studio, Broadcast Industry, Film Festival Organizer, Sponsors, Featured Partner, Entertainment Firms / Organization, Recruitment Firm, Artists Manager, etc. Refer Startrail/FAQ for queries and more insight.


All Artists & All Services related latest Jobs & Requirements by direct recruiters and Easy-Apply.

Create your own awesome portfolio with images, biodata, Audio-Video clips, work experience. Update it regularly from your dashboard and apply for jobs & Auditions very often to check on your Best Opportunities & Projects.

Any fresher can become member, make portfolio and apply to unlimited Jobs and relevant service’s requirements.

Promote your profile and keep it in top priority for more views and viewer’s visibility by upgrading your regular membership to premium membership.

Find latest News & Events, New Trends & Advancements in MECA fields that is published very often on Startrail and its Blog to keep you aware and update.

Endorsement platform available with free Recruitment advertisements and & manpower hunt!

You can Advertize and promote your EVENTS, JOBS, SERVICES, AUDITIONS, NEWS, TRAINING AND GROOMING WORKSHOPS, and other happening plans by simply contacting us.

Startrail network not just collaborate artists, services and opportunities but it also encourages creative ideas and projects by helping them in building a Team & Project Proposal in all possible ways.

Summarily, Startrail is envisioned for JOBS & RECRUITMENTS. We do advertize Latest JOBS / SERVICES / RECRUITMENTS. We publish Institution’s events and latest jobs for new artists hereby creating new opportunities and base platform for student artist from various INSTITUTIONS in India & Abroad.

Startrail continuously encourage and promote wide range of Artist’s, Service’s & Employer’s work through Startrail platform by creating a Digital Collage and Blog for their latest work & ventures such as Cinema, TV, Short Movies, Events, Shows, Music, Dance, Tele-Films, TV Serials, Debuts and all associated skillful achievements & Future projects.

Become a Member & let Startrail Connect you to Stardom!